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Henry and Freddie
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Nickname(s) Frenry; Hendie
Character Information

This is the relationship between Henry Best and Freddie Baxter, two of the main character of both Cucumber, and Banana.

Relationship Development

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Freddie and Henry know each other in the workplace because Freddie working at the office canteen where Henry works as a clerk. The man immediately took a fancy to the boy, at the expense of his relationship with Lance. Although Freddie is conscious of the thing, keep playing with the feelings of man, with his usual sarcastic.

When Henry moved to the flat, Freddie is not particularly happy and at the beginning makes sure to make Henry's life unbearable, even on the advice of Cleo, Henry's sister. However, after Henry helps Freddie away from Gregory, his former professor, and sexual abuser, to repay the guy gives him a date with a man. The two start well to set aside animosity and share moments together, for example, when cooking, exchanging small talk about their respective evenings and romantic conquests.

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One evening, for example, both remaining at home, get drunk together, exchanging spicy revelations and Freddie provokes Henry touching in front of him, but they don't have sex because Henry realizes he is in love with Lance, and in fact has also canceled the date of that evening with Leigh.


  • Despite the beginning of their relationship as an antagonist kind, they share more than with their common friend Dean.


Freddie (to Henry): And don’t go in my room and wank over my pants, okay?!
- Episode Two

Freddie (to Henry): You're not casting me. This face is mine Is copyright to me. Is not to be used for masturbation without my express permission, a permission you do not have. Literally, do not wank using me. It's forbid...and this is turning you on, isn't it?
- Episode Two

Freddie (to Henry): Oh my god, I’m Lance! I’m the next Lance! I didn’t even notice, you’re so fucking clever. You did it to me cause I told you we would never fuck, but then I offered you sex, you maneuvered me into that position. And then you turned me down! It was all part of the plan. Cause you made me perfect. I'm the boy you will never fuck and will never be fucked by. This makes me Lance.
-Episode Eight