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Daniel Coltrane
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Status Alive
Residence Manchester
Family Information
Marital Unnamed ex-wife
Professional Information
Profession diver at the Aquarium
Workplace Manchester's Aquarium
Character Information
First Appearance Episode Two
Seasons 1
Portrayed By James Murray
I know guys like you, always ready to buzz around like flies.
— Daniel to Lance in Episode One

Daniel Coltrane is a main character in Cucumber.

Official Description

Daniel's new to Manchester - a diver at the Aquarium where Lance works. Daniel's recently divorced, and as straight as they come. And yet, Lance thinks he seems to be sending out some odd signals...


Daniel is a simple man, prone to chat and who has no problem in living for the moment. Although he has just moved to Manchester, he immediately makes friends with colleagues, including Lance, who begins to woo with mixed signals since he describes himself a heterosexual. Is sexually active and dominant.

Physical Appearance

A man at the beginning of forty years, with an athletic and muscular because of his work as divers. He has brown hair and dark eyes. Daniel wears casual clothes and does not pay much attention to fashion.

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  • Daniel Coltrane, along with Gregory Pascoe, is one of the villains of Cucumber, due to the violence and the murder of Lance Sullivan.