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Episodes Eight
Aired from Channel 4
Premiere 22 January 2015 – present
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There’s a frustration in not seeing yourself represented, which is completely understandable when you are in a minority or you feel like you are in a minority. It’s much more complicated than that. I think if you saw a laser sharp representation of yourself on screen you wouldn’t recognise it, or you would react against it like it is wrong, because it is like looking at a photo of yourself. No one likes it.
Russell T Davies about the show

Cucumber  is a 2015 British television series created by Russell T. Davies and aired on Channel 4. The series focuses on middle-aged Henry Best (Vincent Franklin), following a disastrous date night with his boyfriend of nine years, Lance Sullivan (Cyril Nri). Henry's old life shatters, and he embarks on a new life with unfamiliar rules.

In development since 2006, Cucumber was announced along with companion series Banana, and web series Tofu in November 2013. The titles of all three shows come from a scientific study into the male erection which divided the erection into a hardness scaleconsisting of tofupeeled bananabanana, and cucumber; upon reading the study, Davies remarked that "right there and then, I knew I had my drama"

Main Cast

Season One

Original drama series from Russell T Davies exploring the passions and pitfalls of 21st century gay life, beginning with the most disastrous date night in history.

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date UK viewers
1 "Episode One" David Evans Russell T davies 22 January 2015 1.86m
2 "Episode Two" David Evans Russell T Davies 29 January 2015 1.03
3 " Episode Three " David Evans Russell T Davies 5 February 2015 0.88
4 " Episode Four " Alice Troughton Russell T Davies 12 February 2015 0.87
5 "Episode Five" Alice Troughton Russell T Davies 19 February 2015 0.35 (overnight)
6 "Episode Six" Alice Troughton Russell T Davies 26 February 2015 0.89
7 "Episode Seven" Euros Lyn Russell T Davies 5 March 2015 0.92
8 "Episode Eight" Euros Lyn Russell T Davies 12 March 2015 0.58 (overnight)

Season Two

Russell T. Davies (the creator of the show) has confirmed that Cucumber is a one and done story and will not return for Season 2. However, he has discussed possible second seasons of spinoff shows Banana and Tofu with broadcaster Channel 4. Here what he said:

‘No – ‘Cucumber’ comes to an end. It has a beginning, middle and an end … Part of us is dying to continue. I went into this saying it would be one year only for the whole thing – then you make it and you think, ‘Oh, it’d be nice to make some more of those,’ and you’re tempted back.

”But we’re talking about Banana because it’s an anthology series and I’ve loved discovering new writers and new directors with it, so that could continue.”

At the moment, however, Channel 4 is yet to renew or cancel the series. So is still unknown if they will renew Banana. 


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  • Russell T Davies is working on a new Channel 4 drama series about the effect of the AIDS epidemic on young gay men in Britain. [2]
  • According to RussellT Davies Cucumber has ended but Banana can return for a second season.



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