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Type Night club
Location Canal Street, Manchester
Inhabitants -

The Babylon is a gay night club located in Canal Street.

It is an exclusive club that requires membership through card. The night club consists of a large room that is reached after a staircase, where a drag queen assigns each customer a number attaching it with a sticker on the shirt.This enables interaction between customers because you can leave a message on the bulletin board at the entrance that says the number of the person you want.

The bathrooms are mostly used for sex or drugs.

The room with the dance floor is decorated with Egyptian-ish statues and there are also sofas where the costumers can sit and admire the boys in the dance floor.


In the American remake Queer As Folk US aired on Showtime, the Babylon is located in Pittsburgh and is much larger, expanding on two floors and with a dark room. The US verion of Babylon has hosted several events, with the participation of famous artists like Cyndi Lauper.